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How Hippo Video helps in different stages of video personalization

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Video Creation

Personalized videos result in increased engagement. Videos help businesses with brand recall and conversions

Our in-house team can help you create animated videos depending on your requirements. We can also help you find third party agencies in case of services required for live-action videos such as demo, explainer videos, analyst briefing, etc that might need expert individuals up against the green matte. The best part is you can perform quick and advanced edits using Hippo Video editor.

Video Personalization

In the virtual sphere, everybody is a nobody, to be given special attention will not only make you stand out from the crowd but also turn heads.

We will help you set up all the relevant personalization elements in your video and support you to test run the video with sample personalized data.

Text Personalization

Use several text customization features such as revealing text, rotate and zoom text and complex text personalization.

Image Personalization

Include copy-friendly images, logos, brand color optimization depending on your needs.

Website Personalization

Use actionable CTAs and forms to help you get useful information from visitors and employ the merge field to add website URLs in videos that show the customer website.

Graph Personalization

Analytics, reports, data are never the same for two customers; they capture and display personalized data elements specific to each individual customer.

Audio Personalization

Using text-to-speech capability, you add an audio calling out the customer’s name, and also AI enables audio delivery of text that appears on the video.

Video Distribution

Any strategy fetches result only when employed in the right place. We ensure you can do so by incorporating extensive distribution techniques so that your videos on any platform are going to look like two peas in a pod


Your personalized video campaigns can easily be integrated with Hubspot, Pardot, Marketo, Salesforce, Outreach, Pipedrive, Mailchimp, and more.

Mobile App/In-app Notifications

Send out personalized videos to your clients inside their mobile apps. Let them be wowed by instant alerts that include personalized thumbnail in the video or GIF thumbnails in their notifications.


Send personalized videos using links via any SMS platforms or Whatsapp business accounts.

API Integration

Using our API, you can call Hippo Video servers any number of times to create a personalized video link that can be directly used in your customer workflow. elements specific to each individual customer.

Facebook/Youtube Ads

Set up a campaign that integrates with Facebook Ads-Manager and YouTube, highly personalized for your target audience, and deliver personalized ad content to viewers within their medium of interaction.


Instantly generate a personalized video that can be easily embedded into your webpage.

Video Analytics

Always be on top of the metrics. Measure the performance of your videos and your prospects’ engagement with your videos with simple and yet powerful analytics.

Video report

Shows the exact no of video views, play rate, share rate, and retention rate.

Demographic Report

Project the number of views from different geographies, devices and traffic sources

Viewer Interest report

Gives details of IP address, location, device used and number of CTAs clicked

Video Shares report

A report that shows which shared channels drive the highest engagement and which one needs more focus.

Send high-quality, personalized videos at scale using Hippo Video


7-day free trial. No credit card required

How to Accelerate Your Sales with Hippo Video
A detailed product walkthrough and a live Q&A to get answer on video for sales.

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